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Welcome To Nirmal Nagar

Nirmal Nagar has grown from a housing brand to a large family of professionals who enjoy their work to provide you with a most comfortable dwelling experience.
We take pride in nurturing your dream for a home to call your own, because your home is where your most cherished memories were born, where your small kids brought loads of smiles across your faces. The trusted brand of eastern India is always there to nurture your dreams to reality.
Our vision has been ushering in a better future by providing people with improved quality of life and living standard by providing low cost houses and business centres. A technology innovative organisation, we make best use of locally available materials and industrial waste to reduce cost.
Customer is our priority and we strive for customer satisfaction by delivering superior quality and value added products at most reasonable costs. Armed with a strong, competent and dedicated R&D team, we constantly tend to come up with new and improved methods of construction by making best use of the locally available materials.    

Nirmal Nagar: Top Real Estate Company In Patna